Change Your Thinking, Change Your Body

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I have gotten a lot of heat for the way that I teach weight loss, statements like:

  • How can you help someone lose weight over the phone?
  • Isn’t there some sort of menu/exercise plan?
  • How can I lose weight by just focusing on my mind?
  • It’s impossible to lose weight without knowing how much you eat and move.

And even most recently . . .

  • How can you charge what you charge, who do you think you are?

I focus on living my life at cause and therefore I continue to ask myself, "why am I attracting these disbelievers into my life?" Being that I am getting certified in NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) I am surrounded by people that just get it. They totally and completely understand that everything we experience in life begins with our thinking. This has brought a whole new excitement in my life and business.

I wrote this post because I think it is important that people start to think bigger and get curious. The reason why I am so successful at what I do is because I continuously ask why and stay curious. I have posed questions such as:

Why do some people lose weight and some don’t?

  • How come some people eat less calories and gain and some eat more and lose?
  • Why can some people work out seven days a week and not change and some just walk and drop instantly?
  • What do all these diets really do for people?
  • If diet soda worked, why do people that drink it stay over weight? And what happens once you drop the weight, do you switch to regular soda?
  • What do naturally thin people do? How do they think? What do their thought, actions and beliefs look like?

NLP is all about modeling success. When someone successfully got over a phobia they would poll these people and ask what they did. So why is it that we turn to the dieting world to tell us how to live in our ideal bodies instead of people who are actually living the life we want to live? The great thing about all of this is . . .

  • I have done all the research.
  • I have lived naturally thin.
  • I have lived overweight.
  • I now live naturally thin eating all the food I love, moving only the ways I love to move, and never worrying about how much I weigh.

I want to leave you with this question:

Do you want to keep your belief that eating less and moving more equals weight loss and master that or do you want to change your belief that your weight is not dependent on how much you eat and how much you move and master that?

If you are looking to live your life with the second belief I am truly here at your service, and it is the only reason I am here. My mission is clear and nothing will stop me from achieving it . . . especially the non-believers. 


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