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Changes Make Differences: Show Me Whatcha Got!

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It was once said that habits are more powerful than momentary desire, more than information, even more powerful than guilt. But if you’re serious about being healthier and losing weight, you need to quit playing and “c’mon with the c’mon”! If you want to change your life, you have got to CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Become aware of the habitual rut you’re in and starting making the changes you know you should be making. 

So when are you going to make that change, huh? Tomorrow? Next week? You saving up for 2011’s resolution?

Trust me, I know bad habits are hard to break. Especially when having to contend with a thousand other daily stressors in your life. And as you fight to phase yourself out of the patterns that are keeping you from reaching your fitness goals, stressful situations push you right back into your old ways with little effort. But don’t let a slip up sway you into skipping a workout. Don’t let a moment where you inhale an entire bag of jelly beans because you had a crappy day to throw you completely off course.


One of my favorite statements I tell clients now is, “If you fall off the fitness bandwagon, start walking!” It takes a great deal of dedication and fortitude to get and stay fit, and results for the better never seem to happen quick enough. But you simply cannot get discouraged. You have get back up and keep it moving. Now more than ever you need to resist the urge to throw in the towel, no matter how many setbacks you may suffer.

So let’s say you’re on the move and you’ve committed yourself to exercise. Wonderful! But you have to be aware of the process you’re undertaking, and all its stages, lest you surely fall back into that bag of jellybeans in a state of frustration and despair. A mistake many people make is assuming that when you go all out in your workout regime—everything you read in the fitness magazine that the experts told you to do … you’re lifting, you’re running, you’re cardio kickboxing, you’re yoga … ing—that weight is going to immediately drop off and continue to melt away at a steady pace. Sadly, not so. The initial shock your body experiences as you throw yourself into a fitness frenzy will no doubt cause a drop on the scale. But this beautiful effect quickly wears off, especially if your routine becomes, well, routine. 

One thing you have to remember so you don’t just give up because you stop seeing results, is that as you lose weight, it gets harder and harder to do so. Like that infamous second Week on ‘The Biggest Loser’ where it seems dropping even one pound is an impossible feat. You will lose a few pounds quickly at first when put through an exercise regime (and that’s most likely loss of water weight and/or gastrointestinal bulk that is experienced before loss of actual body fat occurs). But a large loss of pounds can decrease caloric burn by up to 12 percent. Which means, in order to burn more, more work is required. Otherwise you’ll plateau.

To avoid falling into this vicious cycle, you must increase the duration, frequency, and intensity of your workouts. This is why interval training is so effective. The foundation of every Boot Camp, interval-training methods supercharge your workouts, while boosting your metabolism and burning more fat. So the key is, you must always be prepared to do more. Make changes in your workout to continuously challenge yourself. It’s when you become complacent in your routine that you stop making gains and you will stop seeing the progressively positive differences in your weight loss, your strength, and overall health. 

You have the power to change. All you need is the drive to apply it. I think enough time has been lost, don’t you? You know it’s time to get off the couch and you understand the ramifications if you don’t. You know you want to feel better, feel stronger and look great to boot and how taking no action will effect you in the long run. So show me whatcha got. No more, ‘I’m gonna’. No more, ‘I’m about to.’ No more, ‘I’m almost ready.’ Stop flexin’ and pick the weight up already! Do it now. 

That’s right, I said it. NOW.


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