Confessions of a Weight Watcher: I’m Not Dieting!

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When doing Weight Watchers (WW), it is stressed that WW isn’t a “diet.” It’s a lifestyle change. While this is true, I do differ on the use of the word “diet” as a verb; it is a noun, as anything we eat is a diet. Some people may choose to eat a high-fat, low-veggie diet. Some people may choose to eat a high-fiber, low-fat diet (basically Weight Watchers). Some people may need to eat a regulated carbohydrate diet to control things like diabetes. All are diets; they just aren’t all healthy diets or weight-loss diets. Perhaps the downfall really is when the word is used as a verb, rather than a noun. “I’m dieting” is a temporary action. “I eat a healthy diet” is permanent thing (or can be).

I keep saying it over and over again but I think while on this journey of change, one must force brutal honesty; otherwise, the weight will pile back on just as it did in the last ______ (fill in the blank) times it has been attempted. My honest moment is this: I have to be on a special diet the rest of my life. That, my friends, is my lifestyle change. Just as diabetes is a disease that needs to be controlled, so is obesity. This is it. I count points. I plan my meals. I purchase special foods. Forever. Period.

It really isn’t so bad though, in fact, it’s fabulous! Now, fifteen weeks in, I find I crave healthy foods. I enjoy grapes. I like all white-meat turkey hot dogs. I love how fast and convenient it is to pull some salad out of the refrigerator, grill a lean protein, put it all on the table and be finished with dinner prep! I think it’s fantastic that because I’ve adopted a schedule of eating light meals and healthy snacks—I’m never hungry! My energy has gone through the roof. I feel good. I never get bored because options for eating quick, healthy meals are endless. I prefer thin, brown breads, over thick, white breads. I take pride in taking only that thin slice of cake at a get-together, which I’ve already calculated to be four points. I like taking my packed lunch to work with my daily snacks and I like it even better when I can tell a coworker about a fantastic product I’ve found.

Yes, this lifestyle change works for me. I like it, a lot.


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