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The Costco Effect

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In discussion each week with members at Weight Watchers, we are always looking for new, easy, and healthy meal and snack ideas. The topic invariably turns to something that someone found at Costco. I have several items that I prefer to purchase at Costco because it is either the only place I can get them or the price is really good.

So what is the Costco effect? Can you guess? 

Yes, it’s going to Costco to purchase toilet paper and laundry detergent yet somehow leaving about $200 poorer. It is all part of their marketing scheme and making them billions.

It is also a great exercise in self-restraint. Something those of us trying to lose or maintain our weight need to develop. 

As I do with my food choices, I can be a diligent shopper or lose control. Case in point, I can walk through the whole store and grab only a carton of milk (which is in the furthest corner) or dip into every aisle and end up with a cart I can hardly push.

At the end of the month, if I haven’t been keeping track of my receipts, I have no idea how much damage I have done, which can make opening that bill a bit scary.

So, in keeping with my Weight Watchers leader advice—make sure you track everything you consume and, learn to discern what between true hunger (need) and just plain old impulsive habit. 


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