Crafting is the Best Stress Reliever

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They say stress ages us. I believe this. I have had tons of stress in my life but I learned that certain things like reading, yoga and crafting help manage it. The art of crafting allows our brains to shift gears. Our brains get lost in paint, glitter, wood surfaces, needles and thread. Plus, the act of making something is fun and having fun is a stress reliever.

It truly works. I had a horrible break-up in my mid-20s. I couldn’t see it then but it was a blessing. Needless to say, I read somewhere that painting helps ease a broken heart. So, I moseyed to the local craft store and bought three paint bottles, brushes and a canvas. And, on I painted. I painted day and night. I fell in love with it. I would go to work and run home just to make something new. And, then one day after months of painting the heart break went away. My heavy heart lost weight. My sleepless nights ended. And, I went weeks without thinking of my ex beau. And, just like that. I stopped painting.

Foolishly me, I actually became pretty good at it. I deeply regret that I stopped and now the paintings are stored in my mother’s garage. But, I realized that it actually works. I got lost in art and forgot about myself and my problems. There is something magical about getting lost in creating. It is a healing meditation. You are using your hands, you are using that other part of your brain, and you are concentrating on making something meaningful and beautiful. And, that will rest your mind for a few hours.

Stress is a part of life. It is something we can try and limit but when it shows up the best thing to do is find something to paint or throw glitter on. Crafting is a healing art and will help ease those broken hearts or get you through those tough times that you must endure. So, make your life easier and grab a glue gun and have some fun.



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