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Dangers of Fad Dieting – Cabbage Soup Diet Exposed

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Cabbage Soup Diet Is Harmful To Your Health
The infamous Cabbage Soup Diet can become detrimental to your health. This popular dieting plan can cause a great deal of physical discomfort as well as flatulence gas. The major disappointment to this harmful dieting plan the “cabbage soup diet” is that you regain weight back as soon as you stop following the directions that are suggested.

What this dieting plan offers is a quick weight loss diet that is overemphasized with one particular food or type of food. This infringes the first principle of nutrition. If you want to lose weight you need to eat a well balanced diet. Don’t fall for these foolish fad diets. The Cabbage Soup Diet does not work!

Another problem I commonly see with the Cabbage Soup Diet is that within a couple of weeks into this diet you start to notice a nutritional deficiencies, because no one type of food has all the nutrients you need for good health. This is a pointless diet and is eaten mostly with fruits and vegetables. This diet is even said to help you lose ten to seventeen pounds in seven days. As you can see there are many dangers of fad dieting.

A further problem I see with this dieting plan is that it violates the second important principle of good nutrition. Eating should always be enjoyable but with this diet it is not. These dieting plans are so droning and boring that it is nearly impossible to stay on them for a long period of time. Why would you want to anyways?

In conclusion, there are no “super foods” as commonly stated by the Cabbage Soup Diet. You should always eat a well balanced diet at moderate amounts. This includes foods from every food group. Don’t eat large amounts of a special food because it is proven to be detrimental to your health. 

Now You Know Effects of the Cabbage Soup Diet

I would not recommend any of the popular fad diets to anyone trying to lose weight. It is just not healthy and your health is very important. Find out why fad diets are so bad here and your can also learn more about what people are talking about here.


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