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Defeating the Not-Today Monster!

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Vacillating people seldom succeed. Successful men and women are very careful in reaching their decisions, and very persistent and determined in action thereafter. –L. G. Elliott

Isn’t that a great quote? “Vacillating people seldom succeed.”

I’m sending those four words out to a friend of mine who has taken on a particularly challenging thirty-day workout program. She’s committed to doing these tough routines for a month—three ten-day exercise levels of increasing difficulty. She’s just successfully completed her fourth consecutive day.

I hope she can hear me clapping.

And I’ll be rooting for her this weekend as she successfully completes days five, six, and seven!

In January of 2011, I launched a twenty-one-day ‘Double-Dog Dare’ to my blog-readers where I encouraged them to make or break a habit—I wrote the following message for them on the fifth day. Fifth days can be tricky. Take a look. And friend-that-shall-not-be-named? I’m really proud of you!


Today marks the fifth day of your journey.

And it is around day five of a commitment to change that a cabal of doubters and naysayers may try to convene in your head. Don’t let them!

The moment a whisper of doubt or even the introduction of the possibility of a doubt enters your mind, respond immediately, “Oh, but I will do this.”

Most folks know I am a very determined individual. It may take me a while to make up my mind to do (or to not do) something, but once I do? (Or don’t?) I’m committed! Once I set my mind it stays set.

Still, I do wrestle regularly with the “not today” monster.

I walk every morning. It is important to my physical and mental health to discipline myself and get up and do it. I walk. Period. And most days, as soon as I wake up, (after I’ve fed Rex) there to greet me is the “not today” monster, ready with a dozen reasons why I needn’t bother to walk, “today.”

That still happens! And I’ve been walking every day for over two years! The difference between my five hundredth day with the monster and my fifth? I expect him now. And I wish him a good morning and send him on his way. And, I walk.

Whatever it is brave soul that you are doing or not doing? You are on day five. Do it (or don’t) today.

If you listen REALLY hard you can hear me clapping!


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