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Diagnoses Miracle

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" Destiny, I am afraid that i have some bad news."
"What is the bad news my dear mother?"
"Sit down my child."
as i sit down on my mother's bed I could already tell that the bad news did not involve me.
"Mom are you ok?"
" Destiny you know how when you smoke you slowly begin to die?"
" Well I went to the doctors today and the have diagnosed me with COPD."
" What is COPD?"
"Well Destiny, COPD is what you get from when you smoke for a long period of time and it is allso when your lung are in shock."
"So is this the bad news?"
i slowly began to cry watery tears.
"No Destiny."
As my mother holds me in a loving embrace, we slowly start to cry sorrowful tears.
"Destiny, its going to be ok."
"Mother you are dying how is that ok ?"
"Well when I pass away look up at the stars and find the brightest one and that is where I will be."
Mixed emotions were playing battleship with my mind and soul. Anger shot through my eyes and then I began to cry tears of broken glass.
" Yes."
"Why is it when you have COPD and yet you still smoke why?"
"Destiny, I try to quit every year on your birthday and if I could quit I would."
"But mom your dying ! I can not watch you die riight in front of me and disappear completly removed from my life! I just can't!"
"Well there's some good news my dear destiny."
"What could possibly be the good news?"
"Would you rather see me die today or would you rather see me live to tomorrow?"
Right then I knew that me losing my mother may be heart aching but I will always remember her precious advice which was " When i pass away look up at the stars at night , find the brightest one and that is where I will be looking down at you from heavan. Even though COPD is killing my mother she will always be my soldier who is fighting to stay alive and everyday that she lives is a blessing miracle from God. My mother, my guardian angel, most of my angelical hero.


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