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Diary of a New Way to Eat

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Monday August 6th 2012 I hit rock bottom as alcoholics say. I feel like a food-oholic sometimes but instead of misuse its the use of the wrong things. August 2, I got up for work like any other day and decided to wear a new pair of scubs I ordered (I am a registered nurse)and hadn't tried on yet but the top was x-large and bottoms large what I was use to ordering. The top was a different brand then I was use to but I had ordered the pants before with no problems. I put the top on and it was so tight across my ample bossom I knew I couldn't wear it, I work in a mens prison stuff like that is not advised. I then put the pants on they were really tight across the legs and butt. I took both off waded them into a ball and through them into my closet. I was pissed I weighed myself at work because at the time I didn't own a scale I was 226 pounds, I am 5'7. I was so embarrassed I wouldn't let anyone see my weight. I got mad I looked up weight watchers, and Lindora on the computer and then remembered over a year ago my doctor gave me a referal to Lite weights its program that my medical group uses. I went there once about 10 years ago and they wanted to put me on Medi-fast the all liquid diet that Oprah was on that week. I told them at the time no way once I start eating again I will gain the weight back. But now I would do whatever it takes to loose the weight so bring it on all liquids what ever.
I saw the doctor at lite weights on a Tuesday and he pulled up my life history on the computer how much I weighed when I saw him 13 years previous and the ups and downs since. We discussed what I eat. I was brutally honest I told him at home I have coffee in the morning then by 10:00am I am starving and I eat 2 pop tarts whileI am making a cheese quesadilla with flour tortilla and cheddar cheese and butter. I don't eat lunch or I eat late then I fix a TV dinner or something easy for dinner. When I am at work I thought I was doing a little better I would have instant oat meal the doctor said "oh isn't that nice Quaker chewed it for you" It instantly turns to sugar and stimulated my insulin hormone I have a spike in blood sugar and then within an hour I drop and I am hungry and tired. He said Steele Cut Oats that have to be cooked are the way to go. We talked about nutrition and portions and water and he said I have to exercise. Well I think I exercise but he says that I don't.I have horse I clean and brush and ride isn't that exercise well appearantly not enough.
The big thing I learned from him though was this. Try putting half water and half gas in you car for one month and see how your engine runs? He said that I was trying to run my body on half water half gas. In other words not enough protien. That I was probably getting around 20 grams a day and I need 60-80 grams per day. Also I am not eating half of the recommended amounts of fruits and veggies 8 a day. Also I need to eat at least 3 meals a day no skipping. Didn't sound feasable since I hate to make breakfast food when I am at home? He suggested protein shakes. I now use the EAS brand because it is cheap at Target.
He also told me that if I want to loose I must eat 1200 calories or less per day. 3oz of meat protein lean like chiken or fish or tofu. And EXERCISE.
1200 calories seemed undo-able for me. I got the bodymedic arm band they use onThe Biggest Loser and wore it faithfully. I documented my meals and how many calories I was taking in and the good part is I was doing pretty good keeping under or almost under 1200 calories and I wasn't hungry I think because I was getting so much protein. I bought a food scale and a people scale and started weighing portions and myself to see how I was doing. Going out to dinner was hard at first but I studied ahead of time I got the menu and the calories and desided before I went what I would have I almostgave in and had a burger but I stuck in there and had Dijon chicken with portibello mushroom and instead of mashed potato I got all veggies and before the meal I ordered a salad. The great part was that I was totally satisfied.The Nutritionist I saw every week for 8 weeks suggested the salad its filling and 3 cups of lettuce counts as one serving of vegetables. She also droned into our (the classes) heads that we weren't on a diet we were learning the right way to eat and that we should try new things and enjoy our food otherwise it wasn't going to stick. This is a lifelong lifestyle change. She had this thing about Kale, I thought kale was greenery around the salad bar I didn't know people actually ate it?
During my first week of me trying to learn my nesw way to eat, my older sister had a breast cancer scare. She found out one week that she had this growth on the outside of her breast and the next week she was having surgery. Luckily it was benign but our first cousin has had two cancerous growths removed from her breasts. My dad died from multiple myelome- he had skin cancer, colon cancer, renal cancer, lung cancer and bone cancer. Five organ so scarey. The whole family is overwieght now or have been overweight at one time. My nephew got out of the military and gained 50 pounds the first month.
I started reading and from the American Cancer Society Web site
It says the:
At this time, the best advice about diet and activity to possibly reduce the risk of breast cancer is to:
  • Get regular physical activity.
  • Reduce your lifetime weight gain by eating fewer calories and getting regular exercise.
  • Avoid or limit your alcohol intake

Dr. Oz says the top three cancer fighting foods are 1. Tomato 2. Cauliflower 3. Spinach

So what did I do? After throughing my scrubs in the closet in disgust? I never think of myself as being on a diet I would rather people now think I am a health nut which is hardly the case. I try to live by the 80/20 method, 80% of the time I eat good low fat, low calorie, high protein. 20% I can eat things that are not so good for me, cake, candy, pies. I start the day with a 8oz glass of water get it out of the way I then have my coffee with creamer. It is my little indulgence. I follow that with a protein shake, like I said earlier I use the EAS brand I get chocolate and vanilla it is cheap and tastes good and doesn't cause blotting or gas. In each shake I add either frozen berries or fresh fruit. I checked out a lot of different juicers and went with the Montel Williams one it keeps the pulp in I like that and you can make soup hot right in the blender. I have been doing a cup of spinach an apple, a orange a small slice of ginger 10 oz. of water and my vanilla protein powder makes a really nice drink and look you just got 3 of your 8 fruits and veggies. In the begining I was more conscoious about what I ate now It comes more easily. I have found recipes for Kale and sugar beets and a lot of other things I never would have attempted to cook before. I think about the nutritional value of things and do I want to put that into my body.

Well of course this is an abreviated version of what I now have been doing for 12+ weeks but I am down 35 pounds today I would still like to loose 30 more. I feel really healthy. My skin has a lot more elastisity and is much clearer. My hair is growing. And as I write this I am wearing those scrubs that I waded into a ball and through into the closet an the pants are almost too loose. This is really a life style change for me I want to be the healthy girl the one people say she eats the craziest things. I am healthy happy I weigh less and I hope to ward off cancer and other diseases that are effecting our society because of our poor diets and the over processed foods and the pesticides. We don't have a lot of control over air polution and environmental contaminates. We can't change our genetics. So i am determined to change the one thing I have control over my diet.


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