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Diet Fail

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How is it that for every five days I commit to making menus full healthy meals that actually sound delicious, I have two more where all I can fixate upon is those she-devil junk food treats. We’ll call her “Twinks” or “Pizza rollers” to protect the not-so-innocent. I get it that we have to have moderation but I’m losing steam here. And my train has not been chugging nearly long enough for me to be in need of all that crap.

If someone could just make “donut blinders” or some sort of electrical buzzer that would zap me when my brain considers cake a really good idea for dinner, that would totally help.

How do we make it for the long haul? I get it in intellectually. I’ve read all the helpful tips and I try to take them to heed. But I love to cook and bake and eat—it’s the eating though that does me in.

I’m never going to have the sleek grace of a starlet and that’s cool. But I want to look at least a little hot. For a mom. Anyone else out there? Hot Moms Needing Donuts?


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