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Diet Jump Start

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So after an incredibly messy break-up and an incredibly messier change of jobs ... I had managed to gain eighteen pounds. I was so exhausted after work that all I wanted to do was fall asleep once my eight hours were up. When it was the weekend, I was so exhausted in the morning until maybe two p.m., that all I did was watch Top Chef and Desperate Housewives (Atlanta, Beverly Hills, pretty much whoever popped up on Bravo would suffice). I realize now that this was what is commonly known as “depression”. But being my cynical self I just thought my Thyroid was plotting against me and that these shows have an educational effect. Apparently I was suffering from a delusional Thyroid as well.

My biggest pitfall was eating after bedtime. I would become a werewolf ... once I fell asleep for a good two-three hours; I then woke up and headed straight for the refrigerator. The most frustrating part was getting the comments at work ( “I almost didn’t recognize you” , “are you ok?”). It was as if my physical appearance was revealing both my emotional chaos and my mental weakness of controlling an ever increasing appetite. Of course I am smart enough to realize that food is often used as a means of comfort and filling the voids; but it took a great deal to convince my hands to not touch the chocolate or the tempting second helping of pasta.

My pocketbook made the diet decision for me. I evaluated my transportation situation and realized I need a new car by this time next year. With no money in the bank, Budgeting was the only option. I could no longer afford the Stevia substitutes or the decadent Starbucks treats. Thus I had to brew my own tea (forgo any sweetener), “brown-bag-it” for lunch and find the cheapest means of dinner known to man. So for breakfast and lunch I began eating greek yogurt (the small 6 oz containers). I tried to eat a few bites every few hours (as I am not a breakfast person & from everything I have heard... the metabolism benefits from mini meals every few hours). For dinner I began eating unsalted chicken broth. 

I realize this sounds completely boring and unsustainable ... but it is a protein-based nutritionally sound diet. I consumed plenty of water, one Kombucha (Gingerade) every day, and began attending gym classes (Zumba, pilates, Yoga) The best part ... I was not waking up in the middle of the night with cravings. 

I was consistent with the diet for two and a half weeks and lost fifteen pounds. I next got invited to a party and wanted to look killer in one of my old “little black dresses”. I decided to splurge at GNC. I asked the slim, twenty-something wannabe trainer behind the counter, what would help me lose just a few pounds at warp-speed. He stated, “Censor”. I had never heard of this supplement. Apparently, it contains CLA, fish oil/omegas, and a few other healthy oils. He also suggested L-Carnatine (which facilitates the metabolism of long-chain fatty acids). I read the ingredients and Googled everything. After ensuring that I would not disrupt my system with harmful stimulants or dangerous thermogenics ... I bought the two items.

Within five days I lost another four pounds. Hence I was back to my ideal weight and was no longer a werewolf. The dress felt good and so did the compliments at work. Knowing what I know now ... I would have incorporated Censor sooner, with the L-Carnitine. I also learned to take a B-complex aid in the metabolism. Ideally, the morning should have small yogurt, vitamins/supplements & a green tea (I use the green tea with lemon ginger). *Lemon is a diuretic and ginger is anti-inflammatory and aids the liver). Lunch= Greek Yogurt and Vitamins/supplement, Dinner= Unsalted Chicken Broth, Vitamins/supplements & Kombucha. 

This is the simplest most effective diet I have ever been on ... now that I am at my ideal weight I am incorporating healthy options for lunch and dinner (i.e.- turkey sandwich, salad). 

The best part is I am maintaining. If I manage to not have caffeine after five pm I usually can secure a regular sleep pattern. Also, I am utilizing the vitamins less. I am keeping a b-12 vitamin for my mornings (as it seems to calm my morning rush-hour). As for exercises:  I found Zumba to be the best cardio. I take it three times a week. I take yoga twice a week. Then, if I am ambitious, I run about a half hour once a week. 

 *I challenge anyone to adhere to this diet for two weeks. Most likely you will lose the weight I did twice as fast with the right components.
**Consult a physician before any extreme change in diet or physical activity. And be sure to enjoy those compliments :)


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