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Do You Zumba?

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Here’s something exotic to start your day with. You’ve already heard me extol the virtues of these new disciplines:

  • Budokon, my personal favorite, is holistic and unites meditation, sports, muscle toning, cardio and motivation.
  • Tae Bo is somewhere between boxing and aerobics; it’s very intense and burns over 700 calories in one hour.

It is now time to discover the sport in Hollywood right now. It’s no surprise that our celebrity friends are always on the cutting edge when it comes to watching their waistline.

By the way, a lot of you have asked my why on earth new exercise fads seem to always come from the west coast of the United States. I’m not sure I have the ideal answer, but I still have an inkling on the topic: stars use their image to exist, and have to always be perfect. Add to this the boredom that comes with always repeating the same gestures, which stimulates creativity, thus the appearance of new sports. That said, sports aren’t the only thing in constant flux in Hollywood; there’s also dieting fads. Those aren’t always born in Hollywood, but they get there very quickly so as to receive the blessing of a few stars—a crucial step to excite the public’s interest.

Let’s get back to Zumba. It’s a sport that will have you dancing to flamenco and samba with a crazy aerobic beat! “Zumba” is Colombian slang for “quick”—and those routines are just that! Created in Miami in1999 by Alberto “Beto” Perez, Zumba owes its growth to the large Hispanic population in the US and to Latin American stars who agreed to lend their image to the new sport. It’s sexier than Budokon and less “warrior” than Tae Bo or kickboxing. Hypnotic rhythms, exotic cardio exercises, sexy outfits … Zumba is taking over America. By January 30, 2007, it was estimated that one million people had taken a Zumba class!

“So,” you’re going to tell me, “I’ll never find a Zumba class where I live!”

Don’t panic, your coach is here to save you. Yes, I know, even when I was little, people called me “Miss Know-it-all!”

First of all, if you speak English or if you don’t have difficulty following a program in a foreign language (after all, all you need is to let the music take you and follow the moves), you can find Zumba products at

No need to spend money on so-called specific gear; a tight-fitting outfit to make you sexy and boost your confidence should be enough. While you wait for a tall, mysterious, and handsome instructor to come to your town, you can buy a CD of Latin music with good rhythms, invite a friend or two and move to the beat for an hour. If you really let yourself go and incorporate aerobics moves here and there, you’ll end up with a homegrown Zumba session that could help you burn over 600 calories in one hour. Fun, easy, quick, efficient … and it’s free!

Good Zumba, and see you later!

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