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Easy Tai Chi—4 Moves for Stress Relief


    Tai Chi Pouring

    Keeping feet flat on floor, parallel, shoulder-width apart, slowly pour your weight to your right side, allowing it to become full and the left empty, or on vacation. Hold for a few seconds. Pour weight back to center. Then gently pour weight to left side.Continue pouring from side to side, breathing naturally, for two to three minutes. Tai Chi Pouring may be done while waiting in any line, anywhere.


    Neck Relaxer

    Sitting in a chair, feet flat on the floor, spine straight but not stiff, slowly drop your chin to your chest, opening the back of the neck. Drop your right ear down towards your right shoulder, gently opening the left side of your neck. Bring head back to center slowly, chin down toward chest, opening the back of the neck. Repeat on left side, opening the right side of the neck. Roll back to center. Repeat cycle several times, breathing comfortably, ending with the chin on the chest. Slowly pour the weight of the head up, stacking each of the seven neck vertebrae, allowing the head to find a position of balance.


    Arm Circles

    Seated in a chair, feet flat on floor, back straight and relaxed, raise arms out in front of you, elbows slightly bent, wrists and fingers relaxed, and gently circle your wrists outward six times. Then circle your forearms outward slowly six times. Then circle your arms and shoulders outward six times. Repeat all movements circling inward.


    Leg Cycling

    Seated in a chair, feet flat on floor, raise your right leg, knee bent. Circle the lower right leg from the knee, slowly, six times clockwise, then 6 times counterclockwise. Repeat with the left leg, circling the lower leg from the knee in both directions. Next, circle first the right ankle and then the left six times in one direction and six times in the other.


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