The Easy Way That Isn’t Easy

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As a personal trainer, I have been urged to explain to my clients that they cannot live without me. I was taught to tell them all the ways they will fail once they leave the nest. Once I became my own boss, I made sure never to make these conversations happen, Martha Beck apparently agrees with me.

We are taught that we need something or someone to reach our goals. We need a diet pill, book, surgery, trainer, a miracle, anything, to make our goals happen. We think that, “if someone else (not ‘me’ but ‘you’) is running my life—everything will be great.” We take the responsibility off of us and put it onto something else, because that is what “works” that is what is “easy.” Turns out … not so easy.

External Authority System: Y.O.U. is an acronym that Martha made up to prove how taking the easy way out, never turns out that easy in the long run. When we search for something external, we will always fall short. Keep in mind, searching for a great trainer or coach to help you reach a goal is completely different than finding someone or something to do your goal for you. If you look at a trainer as a magic pill, or the answer to all your prayers, you will quickly be disappointed.

In order to have real change, or weight loss, YOU must reach your goals. Even if you don’t do it alone (we all need a little hand holding, myself included) you at least understand that the power is in your hands. Compassionate, Authoritative Learning: Me, is the other acronym that Martha discusses which puts the power right back in your hands. Your body will always speak best to you, not me, your trainer. I can be there to help you reach your goal, answer your questions, educate you on how the body works, but you must make the final call in how your body works.

All in all, get CALM, and start losing weight today. Nobody has as much power over your body as you do, don’t let anyone tell you differently. If you have a trainer (or you are my client) use me or your trainer as your seeing eye dog. Let me or them guide you to your goals while you still do the hard work. Let us help you jump over hurdles, jump through hoops, eat only one serving, whatever it is, let us simply help you to discover your inner strength, not be your strength.


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