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Eating Happy

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Many women feel they need to be thin or skinny to attract guys. Many women will eat less, go on a diet, or hit the gym more often. In many cases, eating less is not the answer. However, eating balanced and eating healthy is key. I mean, why go out with someone who only prefers a skinny girlfriend? 

I prefer to eat balanced and only hit the gym once a month. Many of my guy friends think that I am skinny, but that is my true body. No matter how much I eat, I do not gain anything. The secret? As women, keeping our figures is simple: eat about 2,000 calories a day but separate the intakes. For example, I eat a white egg omelet with bacon and tomato with a cup of milk in the morning, a snack such as an apple, then another snack such as ten Wheat Thins, then lunch (only eat what will make you full), then a snack (preferably a fruit), then a little snack such as a cup of Special K cereal, then dinner (again, only eat what will make you full), then another snack before bed, but before 8 p.m. (preferably another fruit such as an apple). 

These are very basic healthy solutions. If this is too much food, then cut out some snacks. A cup of milk is very good in the morning for your health. Eating cereal with milk is also another breakfast choice. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.


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