Eating Healthy and Losing Weight with the Mediterranean Diet

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With so many diet books on the bestseller list, how come two-thirds of Americans are overweight? Maybe it’s because dieting and the deprivation that goes along with it isn’t working for us. 

Many motivational experts say ‘what you focus on expands,’ and ‘what you resist persists.’ If this is true, and what we are focusing on is losing our expanding waistline, it’s no wonder that we aren’t losing weight.

So, rather than waking up everyday and depriving ourselves of the food we really want – how about developing an eating program made up of (mostly) healthy foods that also suits our individual lifestyles?

In Mediterranean countries such as Greece and parts of Italy and France, people seem to be eating what they want, and hardly anyone is overweight.  Their diets are made up of olive oil, breads, fish and even culinary indulgences such as red wine and chocolate.

“Coffee, chocolate, red wine—all these foods that once were no-nos are now health foods,” said Todd Edward Parker, author of Change your Life with the Mediterranean Diet, and creator of the MediOmega Health System. Parker says by following this eating pattern, you can lose weight and be healthy without depriving yourself of your favorite foods.

“What I really like about the Mediterranean diet … is that it’s a common sense diet,” said Parker. “It’s about choosing healthy fats, healthy carbs and healthy proteins. So it’s easy and it’s just common sense. And once you learn the basic principles, it’s easy to follow.”

Exercise is an important part of success when following the Mediterranean diet. But, that doesn’t mean you have to go to extremes. 

“There’s no doubt that people in Europe get more physical activity, and it helps your heart,” said Parker. “Walk for twenty or thirty minutes a day. Gardening … if you like music, dance a little bit. Our bodies are made to move, and if we don’t move, our bodies we won’t stay healthy.”

Todd offers much more information in our podcast “Living Well on the Mediterranean Diet.” Check it out in the podcast player at Todd will explain:

  • Why our diets should include foods that make up all the colors of the rainbow

  • How ‘Phytonutrients’, protection chemicals that plants produce, can also protect us

  • How to choose the best olive oil and more!

So, forget about depriving yourself, it’s soooo 2005!  Learn how to be healthy, fit and healthy with the Mediterranean diet.  After all, who doesn’t want to be able to guiltlessly indulge in a little red wine, bread, and even chocolate?

By Lisa Osborne

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