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Eight Things to Consider When Choosing a Gym – My Experience

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1. Location, Location, Location
It doesn’t matter if the gym was next door to my house, I would still have a tough time getting motivated to go there.

2. Hours
Whether the gym is 9 to 5 or 24/7, I always say I’m going within the hour. This usually turns out to be next week.

3. Members
It doesn’t matter what gym it is, there is always someone repulsive you don’t want to look at who is doing exercises from the 1970s. The chatterers are fun: “Uh, great to meet you but I have about 156 more reps to go and I’d really like to get them done before Jay Leno comes on.”

4. Staff
Staff is for hanging out with each other at the juice bar and laughing at the members. I’ve never seen a staffer go up to a member and say, “Sir, you are doing your crunches way too fast. Slow down, it’s not a marathon.”

5. Cleanliness
What? It’s a gym! They mop the floors so all the dirt and germs spread themselves around even more. Towels to wipe off equipment? Haven’t seen anyone do it yet. The cleaning staff doesn’t wipe down the equipment and neither do the members. We are all just soaking up each other’s bodily fluids.

6. Equipment
You mean the peeled off stickers that show you how to use the machines? Or the handles that fall off on the weight machines? The steam room is clean until someone sprays themselves with canola oil and moves all over the place to find a comfortable spot. The dry sauna is great and then someone comes in for a few minutes and starts coughing as is they are going to die. Then they leave without saying excuse me or sorry. Yeah, any gym is real clean and the equipment is well maintained …

Do people still take these?

8. Fees
Payment is for the gym execs to line their pockets with since you aren’t going to the gym anyway!

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