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Exercise Tip: Leg Swings

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If you want to take care of your saddlebags, here is a quick and easy exercise that you can do practically anywhere, assuming you have either a chair to hold on to or any other object at level with your hips.

You can do this exercise while on the phone, talking to friends, or when you take a much-needed pause from an intense work session.

Stand straight and hold the back of the chair with your left arm. Put all of your weight on the right leg and swing your left leg from front to back, and back to front.

Do not use momentum and remain in control of the move at all times. Your leg should be slightly bent in the front and back to avoid injuring your ligaments and your lower back. Do not push too far back either.

Aim for 15 reps on each side, and then repeat the entire sequence. You can do 20 jumping jacks to warm up a little bit before doing this exercise.

Photo courtesy of LeBootCamp


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