Fats: Friend or Foe?

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Consider the following points:

1.It has been found that about 80–90 percent of all cholesterol in the body is endogenous. (Meaning: it has been produced inside the body and does NOT come from the foods we eat.)

2. Due to the many different climates different ethnicities of humans evolved under, there is a phenomenon called “biochemical individuality” trying to pin-point high cholesterol as being the same for everyone is absolutely impossible, just as trying to assign the same diet to everyone is impossible, hence the need of Metabolic Typing.

3. Cholesterol rises due to any one of a number of causes such as:

a. Inflammation most commonly in the form of “leaky gut syndrome” where the tight gap junctions of the cells in the gut wall become lose allowing for undigested food particles called “antigens” to be allowed to pass into the blood stream triggering an immune response.

b. Malnourishment by consumption of too many refined carbohydrates/sugars (even the obese are malnourished!).

c. Seasonal changes due to the fact that the body will raise its cholesterol levels in order to lower the freezing point of cells in preparation for winter!

d.. Excess stress by way of any of the primary five forms: physical, chemical, electromagnetic, psychic, nutritional.

4. Paralleled to the facts above, cholesterol then plays MANY vital roles in the body such as:

a. Precursor to sex hormones, vitamin D, and bile production
b. Powerful antioxidant to control free radical damage
c. Cell membrane integrity help maintain proper permeability
d. Vital to child development in mother’s milk
e. And more …

So, the question ultimately becomes: WHY is the cholesterol too high? (if indeed is actually is); rather than: What can be taken to lower the cholesterol. If your client’s cholesterol is indeed too high (which again is very relative), than the problem is not the cholesterol, as her body has raised its levels in order to play some type of ESSENTIAL role(s) for your client’s survival. The problem(s) is the stressor(s) that originally caused the cholesterol to rise abnormally in the first place. Your client’s cholesterol may be high for a very good reason(s), and this reason(s) may make it dangerous to tamper with mechanically via drugs. The key is to rebalance the system(s) that are operating under excessively stressful conditions to allow the body to lower its cholesterol on its own.


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