Five Frozen Treats with 100 Calories or Less

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Ahhh … summertime. Mmmm … ice cream. I’m a big fan of both! So, lucky for you, I’ve taken some time out of my busy schedule to sample a few frozen treats. I know, I know—it’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it, right? I’ve got some great news, too—I found several that are big on flavor but low in calories.

Here is a list of my five favorite frozen treats with one hundred calories or less:

1. Slim-A-Bear bars and ice cream sandwiches (wait, does that count as 2?!)—the ice cream in these is so creamy, you forget they’re low-cal. Really. One hundred calories.

2. Healthy Choice Fudge Bars—also very creamy and satisfying. I don’t miss regular fudge bars when I have these. 80 calories.

3. Philly Swirl Fudge Swirl Stix are more ice-milk-y than creamy, but they are so tasty. They come in three swirled flavors per pack—fudge and vanilla, fudge and caramel, and fudge and chocolate. Each only has a cool 57 calories.

4. Skinny Cow’s Skinny Dippers come in combo packs of vanilla and mint or vanilla and caramel. These are also more ice milk-y than creamy, but yummy nonetheless. 80 calories.

5. Edy’s Fruit Bars are perfect when you’re in the mood for something fruity and icy and delicious. Strawberry is my favorite. 80 calories.

Oh, there’s one more frozen treat under one hundred calories that I absolutely love, but I didn’t include it in my list because I can never eat just one.

Whenever I buy the oh-so-sinful Dove miniatures, I try to trick myself by thinking since they only have sixty calories each, it’s much better than buying the regular Dove bars that have 320 calories.

But when it’s all over, if I would have had just one of the bars I’d end up eating fewer calories. The miniatures are just too easy to eat one after another!

Anyway, back to my list … have you tried the frozen treats I mentioned? Do you like them? Does anybody else have any other favorites with one hundred calories or less?

Photo courtesy of Fat Fighter TV

Updated August 18, 2008


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