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The Five Rules of Mindful Eating

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Our bodies were created with the ability to tell us when we’re hungry and when we’re full. But far too often we occupy ourselves with other activities while eating (driving, watching TV, sitting at the computer), which compromises our body’s ability to tell us when to stop eating.

If you follow the Five Rules of Mindful Eating, you will be guaranteed to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight because your body will give you the signals you need to know when you’ve had enough.

The Five Rules of Mindful Eating Are …

1. Rule of Sitting
Sit down when you eat. Don’t eat standing up or while walking. Sit down with a plate of food (and not with opened packets or cans) so that you know how much food you are putting into your mouth.

2. Rule of Awareness
When you eat, eat. Do not participate in a second activity (apart from enjoying your friends’ company), no matter how convinced you are that you can do two things at once. Focus on the task at hand—eating—and become more aware of your body’s signals.

3. Rule of Savor Each Bite
Be aware of what you’re eating. Notice the texture of the food. Notice the flavors. Notice what your body is telling you about these foods. Feel the sensation of chewing, swallowing, and digesting. Let the flavors tantalize your taste buds.

4. Rule of One Bite
Chew and swallow one mouthful before taking another bite. Put your fork down in between. Slow down when you eat.

5. Rule of Retreat
Relax when you eat. Allow your body to de-stress. Create joy in your eating environment, if at all possible. Play some music. Light some candles. Make eating a “no-stress” event; it will lead to better digestion and greater satisfaction.


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