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Five Simple Resolutions You Can Keep

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Resolutions often don’t make it past January 31. But if you set them up as simple, baby steps toward your goal, you just might be able to keep it up. By the end of the year, your baby steps may turn into leaps. Here are five simple resolutions for you to try this year.

1. Eat a fruit or vegetable before the rest of a meal

The big goal here is to eat more healthfully and improve your diet. But it’s daunting to make the resolution to eat healthy all the time. After one misstep, you’ll feel you’ve already failed. To keep it easy, decide to eat a fruit or veggie first, before you dive into the pasta or steak. Do this for at least one meal a day or all meals if you can.

2. Add
one family dinner to your weekly routine
If your family already eats together every night, good for you! The reality for many however, is that our lives have grown so hectic, that it’s rare to have everyone around the table at once. Resolve to add at least one family meal to the weekly schedule to increase quality family time. It may be hard to get everyone to connect, but everyone’s got to eat. Younger children delight in having a full table. While older children may grumble, having the stability of a fully present family, even for a few fleeting moments, is a grounding source for them.

3. Schedule fitness into your appointment book

Make yourself a priority on your agenda. Schedule a meeting with yourself to exercise and do something good for your own body. When it’s built into your calendar, you will schedule other stuff around it and you’ll be less likely to replace it with “more important” things to do. If you already have fitness on your calendar, step it up with an extra session each week. 

4. Invest in your community

At least once a month, do something that helps your community. Giving back feeds the soul. Pick one day a month as your “giving” day. Volunteer somewhere. Send a check to a worthy cause. Spend money at the independent store down the street that needs the cash more than Walmart does.

5. End each day with positive thoughts

You are what you think about. Instead of worrying about troubles or petty things that happened today, focus your thoughts on positive things as you drift off to sleep. List all the little things you are grateful for and set your mind to the outcomes you desire. You’ll set up your subconscious mind to focus on the positive goal for the rest of the night. As noted by internationally renowned speaker and author, Wayne Dyer, PhD., the power of positive thinking cannot be understated.  


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