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Food Allergies and How They Can Disrupt Your Life

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I was never a hardcore meat-eater, but every other allergen was a staple. I love oatmeal. I used to eat an apple a day. I was a soy monster and rice accompanied many of my lovely black pepper spiced-out dishes. I love bread. Bread completes me. I feel comfortable around food, which I found later is another symptom of food allergies. Ironically, we are actually addicted to our allergens.

They also confirmed that I was allergic to everything outside. Ragweed is my worse enemy. Point blank, I am allergic to literally everything outside and inside. All grass, dust mites, cats, and even dogs. I was saving up to buy a dog this year!

I love them all—food and dogs.

And my long love affair is coming to an end. Now when I eat I am scared. I question everything and annoy waiters, waitresses or whoever’s taking my order. My main solution is avoidance of the allergens and weekly allergy shots. My allergist advised I will need three shots per week until my immune system gets stronger, and this could go on for the next three to five years. I have never stayed at the same job or city for three to five years.

I know my allergens stem from all of the trash, pesticides, hormones, and mess within the foods. I know I’m not the only one. And I know I have only tipped the iceberg in my research. I have to learn more.

But I must say eliminating half of my allergens has cleared my skin, given me more energy, relieved my itchy ears and throat, and lessened my mood swings. It’s magical. Now I am aware of all the symptoms which I have had my entire life and learned to ignore. I literally learned how to counter my bad attitude and block the unexpected mood swings which were caused by something I ate. Now I understand why I could never sit still and have had poor concentration my entire life.

I wish I had been breast-fed.

I am going to end my tangent here with just a word of advice: If you have an ailment that has been unsolvable, get a food allergy test. It will change your life.


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