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Four Ways to Kick a High Fact Diet

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“Most people are suffering from a high fact diet.”—Marc David

I love this quote from Marc David because it’s so true. There is so much information out there on weight loss it’s absolutely insane. The dieting industry makes so much money on that next magic thing. If we took all that energy and focused it inward this entire planet would be thin, rich and having great sex!

Seriously think about it! Think about all the energy and thought you put towards weight loss. Imagine you took all that energy and thought and sat quietly focusing on your body, your unconscious mind, your higher spirit, whatever you believe in!

Here are four ways to kick that high fact diet immediately:

1. Meditate/Self-Hypnotize. I use these two terms interchangeably but the main thing is build that relationship and rapport with your unconscious mind, that creative part of you. The part of you that solves problems and gets results. The part of you that knows exactly how to lose weight for your body.

2. Throw out the articles on how to lose weight fast. These articles are no bueno! They are based on the diet industry, they are based on getting more money funneled into a system that just plain doesn’t work.

3. Donate food scales, pedometers, weight scales, calorie counting devices, anything that is controlling all of your intake and output. You are literally driving yourself insane and it’s not how true weight loss works. These things are distractions from what’s really going on inside and around you.

3. Self-study. In yoga they call this Svadhyaya. This means you are noticing and taking cause for everything in your life. You are no longer looking outside of yourself for answers. You notice when things aren’t going well in your life and you simply get curious. Non-judgement, Non-blame, Non-guilt . . . just curiosity.

4. Have fun! Bring a lightness to weight loss and to life. Find more fun in everyday and every moment. Laugh at yourself when you find yourself in the pantry for the fifth time. Sing loudly and out of tone. Dance like a crazy person. Losing weight can be fun and struggling with weight doesn’t have to be torturous. After all, we only have this lifetime to have fun and there is no size requirement for fun.


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