Fun with the Gyn

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The only doctor I really enjoy going to is my gyn. There I’ve said it! Are you shocked? My Dr. K is a big bear of a man, with a wicked and irreverent sense of humor and the gentlest touch I’ve ever experienced. He’s also just as gay as he can be.

I’ve had motherly women gyns who made me yelp in pain during an exam. I’ve also had Dr. Divine (you know the guy with the perfect hair and perfect teeth and the photo of his lovely wife and four beautiful children on his desk) and found the exam to be very uncomfortable.

Dr. K is very thorough, but so damned gentle! Even my, “oh God no” moment when he slips the finger up my rectum is no big deal. He always wipes up the ky jelly with a Kleenex after the exams, something that I find slightly sweet and touching. Most of the other gyns I’ve seen do not perform any ablutions after the assault.

Last time I went for my annual exam, Dr. K told me that he and his life partner had broken up since I last saw him. When I asked how he was holding up, he said “Well, he was the love of my life. We were together for twenty years.” When I started expressing my sympathy, Dr. K said, “I’ve met somebody.” God bless him! For some reason, there was a twinkle in his eye and I had to ask the question; “How old is he, Dr. K.” We both laughed and snorted and giggled. First he said “You’re one to talk!”, then he said “I knew you were going to ask me that!” Yeah, his new love interest is quite a bit younger. Fine with him and fine with me too, of course!

While he was taking the pap smear, I asked him the usual questions; how did you meet? What does he do? How long have you been seeing each other? By the time I was sitting up, I asked “What is your type, Dr. K?” and he responded “Oh, I just want someone who adores me!” Well, doesn’t that just say it all!


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