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Get Clear to Get Results

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When I began working with my business coach, she gave me an assignment. She said I had to clear space. Clear my calendar, clear my office, clear my head, and then focus on getting clear. Basically, I had to make room for what I really wanted.

Once I made room, I realized that I didn’t really know what I wanted. I knew I wanted clients, I knew I wanted to help more people, but that was it. I spent the next weeks becoming very clear. I became clear that I don’t want to accept any more personal training clients so that I had plenty of room for coaching. I became clear that I really wanted to work with groups of people trying to lose weight, and I became clear that I wanted to create a program with a yoga studio to make it all happen. Isn’t it weird that the minute I figured all that out, it’s all happening?

Your job is to get clear about weight loss. Why do you want to lose weight? I mean really, why? Do you believe it will bring you happiness, confidence, … fun? What is it? Once you become clear on exactly what you want, you can get clear on exactly how you want to achieve it. Not another diet, but really what is it going to take to reach your goals? Think about it … for more than a minute … think about it for days , weeks. Then make a decision. Once you make a decision that you are so clear about, nothing can stop you from achieving your goals.

I challenge you to attend my workshop, either live on the phone or live in person, and listen to a weight loss program that you haven’t tried before. Let me help you get clear the same way my business coach helped me, your goals are as far away as you want them to be, so, what do you want?


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