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Getting Off the Couch ... For Good!

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There’s a big misconception out in the universe that getting healthy is complicated.

In the last month I’ve had quite a few people in my little corner of that universe come to me and ask, “how do I get started working out and eating right, it’s all so confusing.” So here’s my answer: “Stop listening to all the confusing information out there and just eat real food and get off the couch.”

When I tell them that they say, “It can’t be that simple.” Ah, but it is!

Ok, so here are my few simple steps to eating healthy:

  • If it comes in a box or a bag, is precooked, comes from a drive-thru, or has ingredients you can’t pronounce—don’t eat it.
  • If it came from an animal that has not been fed hormones or from fish that swam in an ocean, not a man-made farm … eat it.
  • If it came from a garden that has not been drenched in pesticides … eat it.

My few simple steps to getting physically healthy:

  • Pick two days out of the week right now to start moving. Telling someone they have to work out five days a week when they are doing absolutely nothing right now is daunting. So, start with two days and when you’ve mastered that schedule add one more day, etc.
  • You’re not going to go from couch sitter to marathon runner overnight. Start at a pace you can manage. Nobody wants to feel like they are failing, they want to succeed. So just walk—if it’s snowing then walk around your home. Just make a commitment to get off the couch two days and move for thirty minutes. Once you really have your two days of moving under your belt and are confident you have mastered moving—add on by trying a workout DVD.
  • The biggest problem most people need to overcome is habit. It is a habit to sit on the couch. The trick is to develop a new habit of moving and incorporating it into your life.

When new parts of our life like eating healthy or working out are too complicated or too overwhelming, it provides an easy out. I tried; it’s too hard I can’t do it. I don’t understand it.

The answer is to make it easy. It is not complicated to eat healthy. It just means you have to stop the habit of ordering in, driving through, or pulling something out of a box. It means you have to create the habit of discovering real food and learning what real food tastes like without chemicals.

Here’s the next “out.” I don’t have time. Ahhh, but you do! While you are on that couch, you can be cooking up meals for the week. Then just wrap ‘em up put ‘em in the fridge and you have your very own “drive through” in your own kitchen with food that will nourish your body—not pollute it.

Instead of sitting on that couch watching your shows, put a recumbent bike in front of the TV and peddle, or walk in front of the TV for a half-hour show, two times per week. Even better, most communities have cable TV which means you have On-Demand, which means you probably have Fit TV, which means you have exercise programs that can be watched when you are ready for no cost.

So why should you do this?
Go someplace where there are elder adults who are invalids. View the walkers, oxygen tanks, etc. Is this what you want for yourself in your future? If not, then there is only one way to avoid it. Get healthy now. It is never too early. And, it is never too late. It is you who will for the most part determine your future. What do you want it to be? Again, yes it is THAT simple.


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