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Glow On: Look Energized in the Dead of Winter

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We all love the hibernation that comes with winter: curled up on the couch with a fluffy blanket, lounging by the fire with a book, drinking excessive amounts of peppermint hot chocolate. But eventually, you have to emerge from your cocoon. Maybe you’re out of hot chocolate or the smoke inhalation is getting to you. Spring may be way off but that's no excuse to let your glimmer fade.


Sorry, but it’s true. Nothing limbers up your muscles or puts the pink in your cheeks like a yoga class or a jog. If pink cheeks aren’t enough to convince you, remind yourself that daily exercise helps you focus, sleep better, burn off excess emotion (and excess calories), and gives you a shot of endorphins that just makes everything look brighter. If it’s too frosty outside for a run, try a dance class or a stint on the treadmill in your nice warm gym.

But I Like the Fire and I Hate Exercise

Fine. Go sit by a roaring fire. Get close enough and it will wash those cheeks with color.


Yep. Sex makes you glow like a beacon. In a long-term relationship? Go buy one of those ridiculous sex coupon books or games marketed with overly sultry copywriting and vague photos of blindfolds you always mock. Next time it’s too cold to do anything but order takeout, pull it out and see what happens. In a new relationship? Invite him over for just about anything and you’ll probably get great sex, no planning necessary.

You’re welcome.

Fake It

Nothing like the February doldrums to excuse a trip to Sephora. There’s a lot of fun brightening makeup out there and some of it actually works. Score a beachy, peachy gleam with Lorac Perfectly Lit Luminizing Powder. Blend on some of the light-reflecting pigments from Benefit’s That Gal brightening face primer. Dab on some Dermalogica’s Total Eye Care for some under-eye love that protects and banishes dark circles.

Or book a facial at your favorite spa. Sometimes expensive, pampered glow is the very best kind.

Speedy Glow

You’re meeting your date in five minutes. You’re falling asleep at your desk. You just don’t have time to be bothered with going to the gym or buying new makeup. Do fifteen jumping jacks. Splash chilly water on your face. Down a glass of water with lemon and a pinch of cayenne.


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