Got Lactose Free Milk?

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My mom said long ago that “Once you’re an adult, you no longer need milk”. Years later her words are being echoed on TV and in print. Nutritionists now say that adults can get calcium from other foods such as cheese, yogurt and some fruits and vegetables.

As a teenager some 30 or so years ago I did not know the word lactose intolerant. What I did know was that milk and I didn’t get along. After eating a bowl of cereal, I felt the need to follow it with meat or toast to settle my stomach. Whatever they called it, milk was not agreeing with me. Back then I could still eat any kind of ice cream, milk shake or cheesy dish without a problem. It wasn’t until I got older, say around early 30’s that I realized that milk products and I were never going to be friends. Cheesy macaroni and cheese, eggnog, and soft ice cream went on my no no list. A glass of milk or a milk shake would deliver gut wrenching cramps, one that I would never want to experience again. Eventually I learned to eat and drink what I could digest without incidence.

Enter lactose free milk. (the blue box) I started drinking this new milk a few years ago and it seem to work out just fine and it last a long time too. After that initial time, the milk seems to go down alright. Lactose free milk taste just like regular milk to me, but I never drink the stuff not for many years. I do however eat it with cereal or oatmeal; use it in pancakes or to make French toast. On occasion I bake with it, which yields the same results as regular milk. But I have found it to be too expensive to be cooking with everyday, so I may use another type of milk if a recipe calls for more than a cup of milk.

Speaking of too expensive, I just noticed my favorite milk has gone up in price. It was already over $4 for a half of gallon so most times I would buy a quart which was enough for one person. Because of my work schedule, I don’t use a lot of milk during the winter and spring. The summer is when I have more time for breakfast so I use more milk. My dilemma today in the market was to buy a half of gallon of my favorite lactose free milk, or to buy another milk for the price I pay for a quart .My milk for more, or more milk for less? Well needless to say, my new lactose free milk is organic free soy milk for less than $3 for a half of gallon. (The market brand) Although it sounded good, I decided against the vanilla because it had more calories and sugar per cup. I didn’t have a problem when I ate it with my cereal today. So far so good, and taste just like milk. Now let’s see how it cooks. “Milk makes a body good, drink it up”


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