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Having to Take the Heifer by the Horns (Part 3)

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The month is June; two more and I will have been post-op one year from having weight-loss surgery. I chose the surgery to lose weight because nothing else worked for me. My weight last August was almost 300 pounds. Today, I weigh about 187 and wearing a size sixteen in clothing. I haven’t worn that size since I was in my mid-teens! Every day goes by and I can feel the changes in my own self and in the way people treat me.

Often I am asked, “would I do the surgery again?” Despite a few setbacks, I would say yes because the surgery has saved my life, as well as opened up a lot of opportunities for me to speak about our state’s high obesity rate. We are third in diabetes and now some of the children of Mississippi are growing up obese. Losing the weight has made me healthier and living IS BETTER!


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