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Helathy Mouth, Healthy Life

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When you take steps to improve your health, do you consider not only what goes into your mouth: nutrients, vitamins, etc. but the health of your mouth as well?

Oral hygiene should be number one in your quest for a healthier lifestyle, and here's why: Your mouth is a highway for viruses, bacteria and germs that can cause major health concerns if you have issues such as gum disease, cracked or broken teeth or receding gums. These can travel to your bloodstream, multiply and can cause health issues for your heart and other vital organs.

The good news is a healthy mouth is primarily all about prevention. We all know the basics: floss, brush, avoid sticky, sugary foods, eat a balanced diet, etc. but you can also add things to your regular regimen which will boost your oral hygiene and be healthful for your whole body.

Vitamin C: antioxidant that builds connective tissue and healthy gums.

Coenzyme Q10: This supplement is easy to obtain, inexpensive, and improves gum tissue, and has an effect on inflammation and infection. It is made naturally in your body and found in many foods. Studies have shown an improvement in gum tissue in just 3 weeks.

Tea Tree Oil: Contains natural antibiotic properties and has shown great improvement in those with gingivitis. This should only be used in the toothpaste form, not the oil itself. Rinsing your mouth with a solution of green tea, brewed for 5 minutes, will help tighten gum tissue, is inexpensive and easy to do, and the green tea is is great for a host of other reasons, too.(See Examiner article Tea; Wellness in a cup for more information.

Tooth powde: -This formula was created by Master Herbalist Dr. Christopher to tighten loose teeth and heal gum infections. For severe dental issues, the powder can be placed between the lips and gums of the entire mouth and left overnight six times a week until condition improves. Recipe is as follows:

Tooth powder

3 parts oak bark
6 parts comfrey root
3 parts horsetail root
1 part lobelia
1 part cloves
3 parts peppermint

A healthy mouth is a healthy body! Take care.

Shelli Rossignol lmt/cr December 2012


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