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How to Do Savasana Pose

Savasana is considered one of the most important poses in yoga because it's one of the most healing. Relaxing in the pose allows the work you've done in other poses to take effect.

Savasana can be modified depending on which part of your body needs healing.

  1. If your problem area is the lower back, roll a blanket and place it under the backs of your knees while sitting on the mat with your legs out in front of you.
  2. Alignment is very important. Try to make your body as symmetrical as possible.
  3. Lie down.
  4. If necessary, adjust your position so that the blanket remains supporting the backs of your knees and your lower back can make contact with the mat.
  5. Inhale to find breath across your rib cage.
  6. Lay your arms out away from your sides, almost like the shape of a starfish, palms up.
  7. Breathe fully and relax into the pose.
  8. If desired, add a sandbag (or other item of moderate weight) to your chest in order to help the body fully release into the floor.
  9. To rise from Savasana, roll to one side and use your hands to support you.

If you desire healing in the neck and shoulders, adjust the placement of your blanket.

  1. Place the rolled blanket under your back just under the bottom tips of your shoulder blades. Allow enough room so that your arms can lie on the floor above the blanket.
  2. Lie as described above, with your arms out away from your sides.
  3. Breathe fully and focus on any areas of your body that are hanging onto tension.
  4. Add weight to your chest to help you fully release.
  5. Roll onto your side and use your arms to safely rise.

Spending time in savasana pose helps provide a still counterpoint after you have practiced more active yoga poses. This time of stillness works to passively set into your body what you accomplished in other yoga poses.


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