How to Do Yoga Crow Pose

This upper body pose strengthens your arms, shoulders, and wrists.

Bakasana, or crow pose, strengthens the upper body and core by balancing weight over the arms. It can also help you overcome any fear you might feel about being in a position where you might fall forward. If falling forward does make you feel uncomfortable, try a few somersaults before you practice crow pose.

  1. Fold a blanket to create a soft place to land as a precaution.
  2. Begin by standing bent over with legs straight and hands flat on the mat in front of you. If you can't reach your hands all the way to the mat, keep your knees bent instead of straightening your legs.
  3. Adjust so that your feet are hips-width apart, and hands are shoulders-width apart.
  4. Slowly bend your knees and come onto the balls of your feet.
  5. Rest your knees in the crook of your armpits.
  6. Rock back and forth slightly to test the strength of your arms and get more comfortable with your position.
  7. When you feel confident, balance your weight over your hands and slowly pick your feet up off the ground.
  8. Breathe across the back.
  9. For an additional challenge, straighten your arms and draw your toes in toward your core.
  10. When you're ready to release from the pose, take a large breath and roll your feet back onto the mat.
  11. Straighten out your legs to return to your starting position.

Crow is a challenging yoga pose to master, but in addition to enhancing physical strength, it also helps build the mental focus and trust in your abilities that you'll need to move on to even more advanced poses.


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