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How Does Eating Fish Affect Aging?

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Much has been written about the benefits of eating fish. Researchers have suggested that by eating omega-3 rich fish two to three times a week, we can ward off heart disease. Now a new study is showing that following this advice can increase our life span. So, who’s not interested in learning more about eating fish?

Here’s the Scoop
The shortening of telomere which are sequences of DNA has been linked to the aging process. At the end of our chromosomes we have telomeres that protect chromosomes from damage. As our cells divide, telomeres become progressively shorter and eventually the cell dies. Inflammation that is caused by obesity, poor diet, inactivity, smoking, and alcohol is responsible for speeding up the process. However, increasing your intake of omeaga-3 fatty acids can reduce the telomere shortening and keep your chromosomes in good shape longer.

Six Ways to Keep Your Chromosomes Healthy

1. Eat two six-ounce servings of salmon or other Omega-3 rich fish a week.

2. Lose extra pounds that increase inflammation in the body.

3. Take vitamin D supplements which reduce inflammation and enhance the body’s immune system.

4. Choose a low fat, low sugar diet rich in whole grains, fruit and vegetables. Cut back on processed meats such as ham, hot dogs and luncheon meats.

5. Get off the couch! You need at least 30 minutes exercise, several days a week to derive healthful benefits.

6. Quit smoking. This, you already know about. Just do it!

By Natasha Morgan of NotJustTheKitchen 


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