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How the Perfect Healthy Day Should Look

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Maybe you are thinking about your perfect day and about something you want to do for yourself, especially for your soul and body. It is really important to have your body in a good state and to have your mental condition problem-free. It is easier than you think. But how to do that? 

Here are some tips for your relaxation day:

Everything starts in the morning. You must wake up. A few great tips for waking up faster are big glass of water, a little morning exercise (the best is yoga at least fifteen minutes every morning), and a morning shower with alternately hot and cold water. It makes for faster awaking and also helps your immune system. It also prepares you for all those fall and winter cold days. Next tip is substantial breakfast. Great breakfast should include some pieces of fruit or vegetables, whole bread, cheese, or buckwheat in any various forms. The next universal advice for everybody is trying to avoid stress and problems in your mind. I know it is not easy at all. But just try it. Calm down for a while every day. Sit down in a comfortable armchair and listen your favorite music for a while and clear your head with a new positive mind. Try thinking about what you want to do, about your wishes. Everything can come true in future.

For lunch, it is important to eat something substantial. If you need your brain working, you should eat something rich in protein, for example chicken, and avoid meals with saccharides, such as pasta. If you have enough time after your lunch, go out for a walk for twenty minutes. Breathe fresh air and you will feel fantastic. But if you are a busy person and have no time for walking or having a rest, just prepare your green tea and drink it after lunch every day. It is good for the immune system, great for the stomach, and for washing away toxic substances out of your body.

And some little tips for a relaxing evening. It is great have only small dinner. Your stomach should feel free and light in the evening. And it is not healthy to eat so much before you go to bed. Next advice is a bath. Prepare the bathtub full of water with a pleasant and fragrant lather. And before you go to bed, open your window for couple of minutes and change your air in your room. And it is good to go sleep in the same time every night.

Well, those were some tips for a better day for your body and soul, and advice to feel better. It is important in today’s world full of stress and busy days with angry people.


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