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The Human Organism

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We may live in 2010, human civilization, but we are still light years away from actually understanding how we have been put together and just how to tap into the brain so that we can yield its potential.

The body is a living organism beginning from a single cell, it is viewed from different aspects, such as anatomy and biology, yet the body to this day carefully keeps its mysteries within.

Will we get answers to questions that have baffled us for centuries, such as how in a crisis do some people find super human strength, where does it come from? Could we actually be super beings, yet no have the correct knowledge to tap into this wonder. How do twins communicate, how is it possible for them to feel each other’s pain.

From the beginning of the world when primitive humans used to be hunters and gatherers, then found the intellect to move on to becoming farmers. Think about the people that have walked our earth and invented such sensational things! How the devil did they do it!

The body, mind and soul in my opinion are all connected, but why is it that there are a few of us that have supernatural abilities, such as the indigo children, surely it cannot simply be where they are born and live.

Not unlike other organisms the human body comes in different shapes and sizes, skin color, strength, facial features, whether you are handy or not and the variance in muscle strength.

We have all been conceived in the same way by a fertilized egg which divides into two identical cells, which at some stage divide again and so it goes on until the mass is great enough to form a small sphere. Once completed the sphere embeds itself on the uterus wall where a women’s placenta begins to nourish what we call an embryo, between the mother and this miracle of a developing child. This pattern is similar in other animals, which have backbones, although the development may vary.

We cannot compare ourselves with other species when it comes to hearing, vision, stamina, strength, speed, and agility, nor do we have the ability to withstand different extremes when it comes to environment. Our advantages lie in being able to keep records and therefore over time this has enabled the human species to move quicker by sharing the knowledge gained by ancestors.

Be proud, be grateful, that you have been given life and repay your miraculous body by looking after it.

The body was not created to be idle, therefore be active everyday of your life by incorporating at least thirty minutes of physical exercise, walk instead of using transport whenever possible, eat healthy meals (three nutritious meals a day). Incorporate relaxation into your schedule to calm the mind and rest the spirit. Remember that the body, mind, and soul are all connected and that it is crucial that you find balance to stave off disease and to ultimately allay the aging process.


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