I’ve Been Good, I Deserve Something “Good” to Eat

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You know what I’m talking about. The “I’ve been good, I want something sweet and chocolate, something bad to eat. Something that is decadent and is really not good for me but will make me feel good” craving.

It can happen on the weekends, while on vacation, on your birthday or just at any time during the day. We want something special, not something that is “healthy.” 

What are you really looking for? To feel better? To feel different? What?

Let’s look at what is really going on here. 

We do want to feel good and we do want to feel special. But will having cookies or ice cream (name your decadence of choice) really do the trick? Let’s find out. Next time you want something sinful as my mom would say:

First check out how you are feeling in the moment. Are you a bit low or depressed? Are you stressed out about something? Are you mad about something? Or are you really happy and want to celebrate? Really check in. Take a moment and breath. Focus on your gut and your heart, your intuitive centers. How are you feeling when you have the urge for something not healthy or just want to eat in the middle of the day?

Next ask yourself, what is it that you really want? What would really make you feel better, feel happier, feel special? Be honest. What do you need to do to release or take care of the feeling you are feeling?  

If it is the ice cream (or you name it) that you really want, then take it out. Serve it up. Sit at the table and eat it. Really enjoy it. Notice each bite. Taste it, savor it. Because if this is really what you want then have it! 

Now how do you feel? Did the food do what you wanted it to do? How do you feel in your body? What are you feeling now? Pay attention to how you feel now that you have indulged. Notice an hour latter, how do you feel?

Do you notice that this check-in is too painful? Is it too hard to be in your body to feel what is happening? Is it making you want to eat more? Bring awareness to this feeling. Please don’t judge just notice and be aware of what comes up next.

I know for myself that when I want ice cream or a cookie or something chocolate, and I take the time to be with it, to enjoy it, it inevitably let’s me down. When I’m done, after the whole five minutes or so that it takes to eat it, I’m still here with my emotions not having been satisfied. I still feel like I need something more. And worse, I usually feel terrible physically. I might feel stuffed, bloated, light headed, or like a slug. It really doesn’t feel well being in my body. Or was that what I was looking for, to feel bad or to escape out of my body? Umm.

Also, when I feel I’ve been good or special and I want something special for me; is eating sugar, or something “sinful” really what is in my best interest? Something that will make me feel like crap like a slug! Am I choosing something bad because I’m not suppose to feel good? When choosing something that makes me feel bad, am I looking for something to balance out my feeling good, because it is not comfortable to feel good? A good question!!

I have the right to feel good and to be happy. But if choosing crappy food makes me feel terrible, mentally, physically and emotionally why do I do it? What if I choose something that will make me feel strong mentally, physically, and emotionally? How is that different?

All good questions.

I’d love to hear your feedback. Write me and let me know your comments and response.


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