If You Look Good, Why Should You Lose Weight?

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This title makes me want to ask a different question: “What’s LOOKS got to do with it?” (Yes, I went all Tina Turner on that one)

Stop confusing the issues. This is not about how attractive you are, or how attractive you feel. It is about your HEALTH and WELLNESS. Calculate your body mass index, and find out what is considered to be a healthy weight for you based on your gender, age and height. When I use the word “overweight” I am basing that word on science, not perception or appearance. While some people do appear to be socialized or even pre-wired to find certain body types more appealing, that is not something to hide behind as a reason to get fit, or an excuse NOT to. If you are overweight and you are putting off your quest for good health because you believe that society should accept you the way you are, then you are confused. If you look good on the outside and you believe that this means that you are healthy on the inside, then you are also confused.

Side note: It is possible that you should consider behavioral therapy, a type of professional counseling that helps to promote more positive attitudes and identify strategies to change bad habits and negative behaviors.

Two years ago, I weighed 150 pounds more than I do today. I believed I was attractive. I got approached by good-looking men, but I carried that extra 150 pounds for about ten years before I wrapped my mind around the negative impact that obesity had on my health. Imagine seeing me today, walking down a busy street with a 150 pound adult strapped to my back. You might say that is ridiculous, but what is the difference (to my body) between that and what I was doing every day for TEN years?

Once I lost the weight and made regular exercise a habit, I remembered how it felt to be healthy. You see, over time, our bodies adjust to the extra weight, and so does our mentality. We actually forget what we should feel like, and look like. Have you ever seen a picture of yourself and thought, “Is that me?” That happened to me so many times that I began to refuse to pose for pictures!

Don’t get me wrong, I do not believe that anyone should be treated in a negative way based on their appearance. I have, however, seen a dramatic difference in how I am treated since I’ve lost that extra weight. Initially, it was a surprise to me. That is one of the reasons why I think we should talk about obesity more often … so we will focus on promoting awareness about healthy living, and become more comfortable about these types of discussions.

I used to think that people who exercised regularly were fitness fanatics. Now I realize what they already knew: our bodies were made to MOVE. Movement, especially in the form of aerobic activity or a cardio workout, moves oxygen-rich blood through our bodies and gives us a boost … all the way to the cells. Having healthier cells mean we have healthier vital organs. Also, we feel less stressed, and we have fewer “creaks and aches” and more flexibility than we do if we are always sitting around with little movement. You may even find that you sleep better.

The good news is: a natural by-product of exercising and changing to a healthier lifestyle is weight loss. Usually, when we get to a healthy weight, we look better. Not just because of our physical appearance, but also because we become more confident, and it shows in the way that we carry ourselves. My point? Even though you look good on the outside, if you are obese, most likely you are not healthy, and you should lose weight. If you are too far underweight, I’m pretty sure you are not healthy.

There are enough things that can happen to us, no matter what we do to try to prevent them. There is no reason to contribute to that by ignoring your weight problem! Don’t make excuses. Get some help. Get healthy!


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