Instant Recess: Group Exercise to Improve Health

Imagine the scene: it’s 1:05 p.m., and you hear co-worker Stacey Thompson announcing, “Okay. It’s time!” Within seconds, you find yourself gathered at the reception desk with a dozen of your co-workers, marching in place, in preparation to dance.

Sound strange?

Well, this is what employees of Summit Health Institute for Research and Education (SHIRE), a nonprofit organization which fights obesity, have been up to. They are among the first to embrace “Instant Recess”, a push to establish ten-minute daily exercise breaks in all workplaces.

SHIRE’s executive director, Ruth Perot, said:

This is hard for folks to ignore. You can’t say, “I didn’t know it was happening.” And if your boss has time to do it, so do you.

Take a look at Instant Recess in action:

UCLA professor Toni Yancey, who created Instant Recess, said,“In five years, Instant Recess will be in Congress, churches, waiting rooms … Once the opportunity is available, people will take it. We’re always talking about making exercise part of our lives; it seems to me this is one fantastic way to do so.”

What about you—do you like the idea of Instant Recess starting up your workplace?

Originally published at Diet Blog


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