Just Don’t Do That!

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Martha Beck: “I know I should eat celery instead of fudge, but what if I really want fudge?”

Trainers/Dietitians: “Well, you can have a small square of dark chocolate.”

Martha Beck:”But what if I really want fudge? With marshmallows?

Trainers/Dietitians: “Oh you don’t keep that kind of thing in the house.”

Martha Beck: “But what if I sneak out of my house at 3 in the morning and drive to the piggly wiggly and buy a pound of fudge and eat it right at the cash register?”

Trainers/Dietitians: “Well you just don’t do that.”

I read this passage in “The Four Day Win,” by Martha Beck and literally laughed out loud. What kind of answer is just don’t do it. Can you imagine if you went to a weight loss professional and said I can’t lose weight, I eat everything in sight and I am so lazy you have to drag me off the couch … and their answer was, well, don’t do that anymore. Oh my goodness, I am cured! The funny thing is, that is what we tell our clients as trainers, just in a few more words.

Just don’t do it leaves us obsessing over fudge! Pretty soon we will find ourselves in the chocolate aisle hoarding over the M&M’s. My client told me yesterday, “Michelle, I ate half a bag of peanut M&M’s. I said” Oh well” and shrugged it off. “No, she says, “it was the BIG bag!” “Oh well” I said again. So you ate half a bag of M&M’s, you never eat chocolate and you finally went crazy and ate it. Good riddance! It’s about time. Your body must have really wanted that chocolate, congrats on listening. Now I am not saying that we should all get up and grab the biggest piece of chocolate, but if you find yourself in my clients situation you can easily pass this situation without any weight gain.

We gain weight from obsessing, thinking, dwelling, and infesting our minds with toxic, punishing thoughts from eating the M&M’s. The more you can shrug your shoulders and move on, the less impact those wonderful chocolate delights will have on you! So my no care attitude to my client was my way of giving her a deep cleansing breathe. She looked at me hoping for punishment and all out appall, “You’re not supposed to do that!!” However, you are supposed to do that, you are human and when you tell yourself not to eat something your mind will fill up of those thoughts of chocolate and fudge and eventually your mind will take over and walk your body to the store and eat a chocolate cake.

Try to do your best to learn from a situation but don’t dwell. If you splurge, it’s okay! You can take a couple moments and think about why you might have done it, (starving, cravings, emotions, etc.). Figure it out and move on. The more you dwell the more calories that food will be worth. So the next time you hear, “just don’t do that,” do as I do and simply laugh.



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