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Life Is Good Today, and So Are My Boobs

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Today I had my annual mammogram. I was nervous, but not because it was my first time. Oh no. My breasts? Have been around the block. My breasts are very dense and I have a lot of fibrocystic tissue. Back in late 2006 I found a pea-size lump which led to more than a year of tests and culminated in a surgical biopsy.

The bottom line? My breasts are just difficult to read … just like a woman!

I’m ashamed to even admit I was nervous. I think I was just more apprehensive in anticipation of the appointment, which went fine. No news is good news so if I don’t hear anything next week I’ll go back again in one year for a smashogram.

Last night at bedtime I asked my eight-year-old if she’d like me to read from her Bible. We don’t read the Bible nearly as often as we should but she’s been attending Vacation Bible School this week and asking lots of questions and I’ve been feeling fairly inadequate in the theology department (this parenting thing is hard!) I opened directly to Matthew chapter six, verse twenty-five, which is an entire section about not worrying. Pretty good timing on God’s part as I was already dreading this morning’s appointment.

Sitting at a red light on the way to the hospital this morning I glanced down at my iPhone to see that my best friend had e-mailed me after I had asked her to say a little prayer for me. And then I looked up at the car in front of me and there was a Life Is Good sticker on the rear window. Suddenly I was overwhelmed with thankfulness. It was all I could do to hold back the tears.

I was also extremely thankful I wore a black skirt this morning as the driver’s side seat in my SUV was completely soaked because I forgot to roll up my windows yesterday during a thunderstorm. I’m sure no one noticed my wet backside because I was too busy lookin’ sexy in my hospital gown!

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