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Lifestyles of the Naturally Thin

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My business coach recommended checking out Bethenny’s website as she shares a lot of the same philosophies with me, but she still says that we have to move more and eat less to lose weight, only she helps women discover how to make that part of their daily lives. My issue is still this: you know those people who can eat whatever they want? You know the ones you see eat donuts, fast food, or whatever else you put in front of them and then don’t gain a pound … what’s up with them? If our bodies really do work in a manner of calories in versus calories out, what the heck is going on with these people? Oh, and by the way, I am one of those people now. So, clearly, I didn’t just gain some super genes two years ago.

The truth is, we can’t ever truly measure what is going on in our bodies mentally and emotionally. We can’t ever measure how a comment from some kid in the fifth grade made about our bodies is going to affect our ability to burn calories. In fact, some of us don’t even know why we gained the weight in the first place, and if you don’t know why … how is it ever going to change?

Last week I spoke about “The Secret of Weight Loss.” This week, I am going to give you seven easy ways to live like the naturally thin do:

  1. Don’t think about weight gain.
  2. Exercise for fun, and no other reason.
  3. Trust your body, it doesn’t want to gain weight!
  4. Recognize true hunger and true fullness.
  5. Don’t allow any foods to be off limits.
  6. No judgment toward how many times you work out or how much spaghetti you just ate.
  7. Remove dieting, weight loss, and weight gain conversation from your vocabulary.

The best way to live like the naturally thin do is to surround yourself with these people and remind yourself that you can live your life in the exact same manner. They do not have super genes, they just don’t have any fears or concerns around weight gain, therefore, they don’t gain weight. It is truly that simple. They also don’t feel the need to overeat or have a good and a bad way of eating because it is all the same to them, they can eat any foods whenever they want to. They can exercise or not exercise and it makes no difference so they only choose movements that are truly enjoyable.

Here is my challenge to you: live like the naturally thin do for one week, and see how it feels. I would love to hear your thoughts.


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