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Living Life Happy

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“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.”
~Albert Einstein

I know I have definitely spent time being unhappy, or thinking I was unhappy.

With work, keeping up with housework, family, friends, and stress, I forget to be happy. It seems odd, but I am one of those people who often says, “I would be happier if..” and then finish that sentence off with a lot of things that will never happen.

If you’re anything like me, you have a lot of blame to place on why you aren’t happy. Happiness is a state of mind, and something that many of us forget to make a priority.

On a trip last winter, while contemplating the quandary of being happier, I turned to happiness expert, Gretchen Rubin, and devoured her book, The Happiness Project. Rubin shares great incites on easy tips to being more content and I started right away by making a manageable daily to do list to picking up the blanket my husband throws on the floor after watching tv at night, instead of staring at it and getting angrier and angrier waiting for him to pick it up.

Though many Americans claim that their unhappiness stems from work, it seems that a lot of us are unhappy when we come home because we forget to organize, prioritize, and eliminate negativity.
A conversation with an unhappy and negative person, getting bad news, or nasty political posts on your social media feed can carry over into your professional and personal life.

One solution? According to Rubin, whose book, Happier at Home was released earlier this week, packing your life full of things you love, and making that a priority is important.

“I recently adopted the resolution to “Cram my life with the people and activities I love.” This resolution helps me balance work and life because it forces me to make choices and set priorities. If I cram my life with what I love, other things—the things I don’t love—get crowded out. They might be useful or valuable, but I don’t love them, so they don’t make it onto the schedule. But everything I love somehow gets crammed in,” she says.

My solution to a happier life? I’ve eliminated negativity. A positive outlook means a lot. This doesn’t mean I don’t have “obligations” that make me less than euphoric, but I’ve started to find the good in them and give them a “Pollyanna” spin. Play the glad game, you’ll feel better. Additionally, my planner is now chock full of fun activities. In the evening, I lay out time to play with my dog and knit. I’ve also started keeping a happiness journal where I list fun quotes, paste photos from magazines, tickets, and other things that make me happy and remind me to be happy.

It’s mind over matter. We can all be happy if we make the decision to be happy.


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