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Lose Two to Five Pounds Weekly Now

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Diets can be very confusing. Yo-yo dieting is very bad for our bodies, and too many Americans are losing the battle. If you are interested in losing two to five pounds per week, keep reading …

In my twenty-five years in practice, I have seen my patients go on every diet possible. I am asked questions all the time like, How many calories should I eat?. How much protein

should I consume? Why am I only eating one time per day and I am still gaining weight. Or my favorite, I just look at food and gain weight.

There is a crisis in America. Just about 67 percent of adults twenty plus years old are overweight or obese. There is also a 17 percent chance that children two to nineteen years old may become obese, while an unheard of 18.2 percent are already suffering from obesity and health risks.

Some of the main causes for being overweight can be as simple as the wrong eating habits and can be as complex as prescription medication side effects, or health conditions associated with Diabetes or Hormone imbalances. The most common cause of obesity is the amount of calories we ingest versus the calories we burn during a twenty-four-hour period.

Frequency of meals is critical. If you eat a meal late at night, then go to bed, your bodies metabolism will not burn off those calories. Our storage hormone insulin rushes in to take care and balance the sugars ingested. Insulin is a storage hormone. Since every day is a good day in our society as far as sugars and complex carbohydrates are concerned, insulin is hard at work balancing the sugar and storing the extra, unused calories as fat. We are getting fatter because we simply eat too much and at the wrong times. The first thing I teach my clients to do is eat six times per day. Most people find this hard to believe. By simply eating the same calories six times per day versus three, you will lose weight.

It is also very important to balance carbohydrates and protein. I have seen too many people eat products with too many carbohydrates compared to the protein. You need to balance the two.

The most exciting thing about changing your diet is getting your body back into a safe BMI. The Body Mass Index is a good place to start when evaluating your health risks. We start with each client by assessing where they are now and where they want to go. It is so important to choose realistic goals and go for them. This is where our program is so successful. We coach each person for life. We get to see lives and health change for the better each day.


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