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Is the Market Keeping You Out of Shape?

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Have you ever thought about how today’s market may actually be trying to keep you out of shape and unhealthy? Millions of people being “out of shape” is making millions of dollars for the fitness and medical industries. As we grow larger and unhealthier, others in this world are capitalizing on our misfortune. It is Big Business.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that “healthy” or “organic” foods cost more than anything else in the grocery stores. It’s a specialty market. And I’m sure you’ve noticed that there are ever more products—expensive ones at that—on the market today telling you that you are overweight and out of shape. Everywhere we turn, there is a new diet, a new fad workout, new equipment, miracle diet pills, quick and easy books and tapes, specialty clothes, and everything else you can think of designed, ready, and for sale to help you get you into shape.

When I became aware of this, I had to stop and think about it. I had to wonder why, with so many things on the market today is the United States the number one country in this world with out of shape and overweight people? It’s become a feeding frenzy. Everywhere we turn, we hear people talking about how they want to change this and change that. This is all feeding the deepest fears and insecurities of our subconscious minds. How could it not when we keep hearing that we are out of shape, and overweight, and not enough of this and too much of that—not perfect in any way. And we hear it from every side—we hear it on the news, from commercials; we see it in books and magazines; and we are told it by friends and family and co-workers and ….

We go out and BUY, BUY, BUY. We buy food with labels that read fat-free, low-fat, low-carb, and on and on. We buy new equipment; we buy new books; we buy new tapes; we buy, we buy, we buy.

There was a time in my life when money was very tight for me. I mean, really tight. I didn’t have nearly enough to even buy food. I wanted to eat healthy, but I had to be aware of every item I bought. One day, I went to buy a head of cauliflower. When it rang up at $4, I had to stop the cashier—I didn’t have the money to buy it. I went into shock. One cauliflower? It wasn’t even organic! I had to put it back. On the way out of the store, I had to think about what had just happened to me. I had to consider the fact that even though I wanted to eat healthy, it simply cost too much. I could go to a fast food restaurant and buy a full meal, with a drink, for the same price as that cauliflower. It floored me. It’s all too easy—and much cheaper—to buy and eat unhealthy foods in our current society than it is to buy and eat fresh, healthy foods; foods that truly nourish our bodies.

This economic pressure plants even more seeds into our subconscious minds that we are unhealthy and out of shape. And there are more than enough of these messages out there, constantly bombarding us, that keep watering these seeds and keep us down and out (and fatter and fatter?). When we “buy” into these messages (buying these fat-free, low-fat, low-carb foods that tell us we are fat and out of shape or when we have to buy $0.99 cheeseburgers instead of more healthy foods that tell us we aren’t deserving of the best), we are growing these seeds into the weeds of our own destruction. We are keeping ourselves stuck in a game that we can’t win.

I stopped buying foods that had special labels. I told myself that I am not fat and out of shape and I am deserving of the best. After all, generations of people have eaten food not tagged with any special labels. And, they were not struggling with their bodies as we are here in America. No other country has anywhere near the number of “weight-loss” programs and “specialty diets” and “fitness gyms” that we have. I lived in Europe for years—and, believe me, they eat with gusto (and enthusiasm, and happiness, and contentment, and gratitude). They also walk and enjoy life; they focus on family and friends. They eat what they want and don’t focus on how bad it is for them. They eat BREAD of all kinds (they have the most amazing bakeries) and MEATS, and CHEESES, and all kinds of food that we consider in America to be fattening and bad. Then why are we so fat? Because we don’t consume our food—it consumes us!

When we focus on being out of shape, that is what we attract into our lives. When we change our focus and become more conscious of nourishing ourselves and enjoying our lives and our families and our jobs—and not on watering weeds—then we can be free of the weight. The weight of fat and guilt and shame. The weight that doesn’t belong to us.

Another step I took toward transforming my own life was to begin to buy vegetables and other healthy foods from local farmer’s markets. They are fresh and tend to be more reasonable in price. I truly love going to the markets. Not only can we get fresh foods there, but the overall experience is a treat to our senses. The energy of being in such a healthy place can lift your spirits. And, we get to help our local farmers sell their products and stay in business (and keep their land). I love helping smaller businesses and I love how much they can help me achieve my goals. I also love buying flowers at these markets. They last longer and they make me feel loving. The whole experience of going to a farmer’s market is enchanting for me. Try it.

All in all, if you want to be healthy, then change your focus and be conscious of what you feed your mind. Your mind is the thing that is out of shape—not your body. Your body knows what to do and what it needs to stay healthy and fit and trim. You just need to turn the channel of the program your mind has been programmed to listen to. Flip to a new and improved channel of who you want to be, and then turn up the sound.


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