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Measure What Matters

Looking for a more accurate measurement of your fitness? The Escali scale brings clarity to your weigh-ins. It not only performs the traditional task of measuring your weight, but also tells you what percentage of that weight is fat and what percentage is water.

Body fat percentage is a measurement that athletes and fitness buffs use, and it has typically been done by athletic trainers or medical personnel. With the Escali, you can measure it in the comfort of your own home. Escali conducts a “bioelectrical impedance analysis” using a safe, low-level electrical signal that is passed through the body. The digital scale measures how fast the electrical current travels, which is affected by water, muscle, bone and fat. Escali then uses this data to gauge the percentage of a person’s body fat, water, and muscle mass. It has a female or male mode, and it can accommodate up to ten user profiles so the whole family can track their progress.

The inventor of Escali is Theo Prins, an entrepreneur with a passion for engineering and mechanics. He’s committed to rigid, military-grade measurement standards, so Escali (the word means “scale” in the Esperanto language) delivers reliable, consistent results. When you step on this scale, you can take a step forward to better health.

Learn more and purchase the Escali scale here at Daily Grommet.

Originally published on Daily Grommet


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