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A Modern Spin on Ancient Stress Relief

The ancient Chinese practice of acupressure goes back thousands of years, so stimulating points on the body to improve circulation and promote the release of endorphins is hardly a new idea. But most people (including our gang here at Daily Grommet) aren’t keen to use the original home acupressure method—a bed of nails!

Acupressure mats offer the perfect modern solution to at-home health and relaxation. They’re portable, comfortable, and affordable, and with the even distribution of “spike flowers,” there’s plenty of stimulation without discomfort. The Yantra Mat is the most popular model in Europe, because it has the most “spikes” available (210 flowers with 42 points apiece). Kristina Fine, a Swede living on Cape Cod, loved the Yantra Mat she received as a gift so much, she bought the U.S. distribution rights and launched the business to bring these mats to a broader American audience.

We heard about it from Carol O’Loughlin, who runs a real estate business and tried the acupressure mat to alleviate stress pains brought on by challenging economic times and flareups from old athletic injuries. “Brief sessions with the Yantra Mat brought immediate health benefits,” Carols says. “It puts me in a relaxed state, reduces my stress, relieves my pains and increases my circulation.”

Yantra Mats are 100 percent cotton, with non-toxic ABS plastic spikes. Simply lay on the mat on your back to stimulate the spine and relieve back/neck pain, or lay on your stomach to promote better digestive and respiratory health. The longer you use the mat, the more endorphins will be released, and you’ll feel calm and uplifted as your circulation improves.

You can purchase the Yantra Mat here at Daily Grommet.

Originally published on Daily Grommet


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