My Favorite Running Trail

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I hear the drumming of my heart as I race along the bumpy trail. I smell serenity and isolation. Not a person in sight for many miles ahead. The sun is peaking at me from the horizon as it rises. Its yellows and reds slowly burst their ray’s outward piercing the tall cattails that nest in the pond to the right. The tall cattails have small, red and black ladybugs racing one another to the top of the supple tips.

The ground is suddenly turning to a spongy surface underneath my shoes and the breeze slips through my sweat glands and cools me down so I can continue my strides. The trees are smiling and waving their long branches as I pass one by one. My ears are filled with harmonious scales as the singing white doves coo. They stand by keeping a close eye as if they are protectors. To the left of the trail my silhouette appears in the iridescent puddles leftover from the evening showers. It is May and the white daisies are opening their pedals for the honeybees. 

Running is like an instant rush of bliss as I stomp the earth beneath my feet. I cannot stop now because the trail is still ahead. It curves around and the hills are steep. The tiny dots in the distance are cars speeding by. That is another world; a world full of stress and boundaries. 

The sun is now halfway across the heavens and the yellows and reds are brighter and hotter, it is now noon. The oak trees have dangling, green leaves of clear water droplets nesting at their edges. I feel them reaching out to me as if they wanted to hydrate my mouth. The taste of grass fills the air from the clean-cut grass. The wind is starting to pick up the pieces of oak leaves and they brush against me. The doves know my time is up and they are starting to flutter their wings and lift up their white bodies. The humming goes away, the dots in the distance are now giants, and the sun is now blinding to the crabby drivers. Back to the other world.



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