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To My Good Health and Exercise: Week 1

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Tuesday, August 26, 2009

Day 1 of Week 1: To My Good Health and Exercise! 

Today’s weight:             225.6
Day’s caloric intake:     1877
Total grams of carbs:    96
Total % Carbs intake:   23%
Total % Protein intake: 20%
Total % Fat intake:       56%
Workout(s) duration:    40 minutes
Total calories burned:   572
Day’s cals after wrkt:   1305
Day’s exercise(s):         40 minutes of step aerobics 

225 pounds! I am horrified to know this! 

I have been trying to lose weight now for twenty-four years. Unbelievable! Instead, I’ve just kept steadily gaining. 

I’ll be fifty-three years-old this September. I am almost 5′4″ tall, and I weighed 125 pounds when I married my husband (over twenty-seven years ago). We have three children, and with my last one was when my weight first zoomed to 175 pounds. I have always exercised (weight lifted and aerobics all of our married years), and now realize that if I hadn’t worked-out at all I would be that much bigger. Wow … that’s scary! But what is even scarier is what must be happening to my health. 

Today I begin my diary, “To My Good Health and Exercise.” And since I am very proficient with Excel, I have created a spreadsheet that with the use of formulas will calculate my daily caloric intake, minus calories burned (according to my weight and age), and so forth. We also picked-up a weight scale yesterday—Weight Watchers—and though I have never believed in them, going more by what I see in the mirror, I think it is time I use it. Looking in the mirror has not helped! Weighing myself on a weekly basis should help me to see if I am making progress. 

It is rather embarrassing to do this on line; if anyone is reading this, for they, too, will get to see if I finally succeed, or fail again (I’d started my weight loss program, of-and-on, since January, to my shame!). Mind you, I have no problems with someone being overweight, plump, or chunky (I rather think that Paula Deen and Ina Garten are very beautiful ladies! They are perfect just the way they are.). The problem is the health issue, at least, for me. I see too many people around me falling to diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure … that is really scary to me! I would prefer not to rely on medications. 

My plan is to dramatically cut back my consumption of complex carbohydrates (potatoes, rice, beans, pasta, and simple sugars), for this is where my weakness is. 

Until tomorrow … I bid you good night, for I will surely dream of food and cooking! 


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