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Natural Pain Relief with No Side Effects

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There are natural health solutions available for pain relief, and with no side effects. Many over-the-counter pain relief medications can be very dangerous especially with ongoing use. In addition to pain relief, there are healthy side benefits with natural pain relief supplements.

Pain is something that is hard to live with, whether it be short lived or more frequent. Chronic pain is almost unbearable. With the discovery that many over-the-counter pain medications have side effects, some very severe, it is worth taking a look at natural alternatives. Natural solutions that do indeed provide pain relief are unique because there are no side effects, only side benefits.

People have a range of symptoms including having a hard time getting out of bed in the morning, muscle spasms in your back that have you dragging a leg on the tennis court, having arthritis in your hands, pain in your hips or knees, headaches, and more. There are natural solutions that act quicker than they did in the past, and there are choices depending on your pain.

Natural Cox 2 blockers block pain appropriately without turning off the regeneration of your stomach lining, like over-the-counter pain relief products. Tremendous relief can be provided within two weeks of using such a natural supplement consisting of a combination of medicinal herbs. Topical pain relief can occur within minutes using an effective pain relief cream.

Arthritis sufferers benefit from natural ingredients that have good anti-inflammatory activity. There are studies on patients with osteoarthritis of the knee showing that using natural boswellia decreased knee pain, and increased knee flexibility. For the arthritic patient with ongoing pain, a natural supplement with a blend of ingredients can not only provide pain relief, but without stomach bleeding or liver damage that is associated with over the counter meds like NSAIDS (Celebrex, Alleve, Ibuprofen).

Many folks who are getting older want to remain active in athletics. Others find it important to have healthy joints that allow them to continue gardening or walking for exercise. For joint health and joint pain, natural glucosamine products with complimentary ingredients can provide relief within days. Glucosamine improves joint health and can regenerate damaged cartilage as well. There are many brands on the market that produce liquid or tablet glucosamine plus condroitin supplements. Studies have shown that condroitin is only effective when injecting it into a joint, so that it is more beneficial to include other ingredients that do give benefits synergistically with the glucosamine.

It is very comforting to know that there is natural pain relief cream so that if there is a place in your body that hurts, you can rub a little on it for topical pain relief. Products may use a patented liposome technology that allows the active ingredients to get into your skin and provide muscle and joint pain relief to a localized area immediately.

Essential fatty acids are nutrient solutions for chronic pain, including Omega-3 fatty acids that naturally balance the cause of prolonged pain. Inflammation in our bodies from our diets that have added Omega-6 and not enough Omega-3 can be managed with omega-3 supplements. In addition to helping with pain, omega-3 supplements can help fight many diseases that are linked to Omega-3 deficiencies. These include cancer, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, Alzheimer’s, and arthritis.


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